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Aug 07, 2019 · At Unpacked, Samsung launched its Samsung Galaxy Note 10, a small version, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. I'm a Note 8 customer and find the device helpful. I'm a Note 8 customer and ... The flash file for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ SM-N975U is necessary when you want to perform any of the following software-related tasks: Upgrade/Update your Samsung Galaxy phone’s firmware. Reinstall the stock ROM that was officially installed. Unroot your Samsung Android device. Galaxy Note 10 Plus. מכשיר הגלקסי נוט 10 פלוס, מסדרת ה-Note 10 של סמסונג עם פאנל Dynamic AMOLED ומסך ענק בגודל 6.8 אינץ'. המכשיר החדש בעל השוליים הדקיקים עשוי זכוכית בחלקו האחורי ובחלקו הקדמי ורזולוציית התצוגה שלו היא: +Quad HD.We'll update this Note 10 Plus review when we get one in. Wireless charging has also improved to 15W, which is good news because the Samsung's software has been redesigned to be logically laid out on such a tall device - everything is easy to reach within its menu system, and the camera app is...